A lil post about me


Hello beauties of the world!

My name is Sam Mythen (:

I am a second year Uni student living in Aotearoa, New Zealand with massive dreams and a passion to make these dreams a reality.Currently I study Law and Arts (Development Studies, International Relations and Spanish) with the start goal to be a ski instructor, the middle goal to be a journalist and the end goal –  to make a positive change in the world as a human rights lawyer.

I have a creative soul and I absolutely love to write and inspire others – and this is where Seize the Sunrise comes in. Basically this blog is exactly as it’s title says – seizing the sunrise and making the most of each moment in your life. As I look to experiences and lessons learnt in my own life, I hope to convey them to you and in turn inspire you (:

People often say life is short, but really it’s the longest thing we’ll ever experience and that means we have a lot of time to pack in to it all these amazing, awe-inspiring moments of star-gazing, mountain climbing, air breathing, salty sea diving, laughing and dancing. Which is pretty cool.

All I want to do in life is to spread happiness – because isn’t that the meaning of life? to follow your passions, to love and to make those around you glow.

SO on that, I applaud over your extraordinary hearts,

Sam xxx



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