Habits – spend more time doing the things you love!

Dear you,

Welcome to the wonderful New Year! First and foremost, I present a challenge to you – to make this year one of spending more time doing the things you love!

Make this year one of adventure!


At the start of each year, it’s an old tradition to put pen to paper and write down all those things we want to do, all the goals we want to conquer, all the dreams we want to make a reality.

But do you remember how we, more often then not, get to the end of the year and stumble across that paper and have a lil laugh to ourselves about how little we’ve done?

This is something that happens to me a lot.

For the past few years, I have written a huge list of all the things I want to achieve and other things I want to turn into daily habits; dreaming nearly six impossible things before breakfast.

It’s so easy to let the everyday schedules of work and study steal your time and energy away.

But that’s the thing – what about all the hobbies, activities and things we really want to be filling our days with?

It’s a privilege to be alive on this earth and we should absolutely not waste any moment we have!

Rather than letting life’s schedule make you ordinary, show the world the sparkles you have in your DNA (I mean we are made of stars after all).

My plan for the year is to make sure I choose the path less travelled. It may be rocky, steep and seem never-ending but I know for sure there will be fields of wild flowers, mountain ranges galore and a whole lot of magic along the way!


Over the years I have learnt some techniques to make sure you really can make your days filled with the things you love and really want to be doing.

Through learning from my mistakes, I’ve made a list to help you with this challenge; on how to break old bad habits, act on all those things you want to do and make creating dreams come true a habit:





















And just remember, it really is only human to “save things for another day” but you’ve got to keep reminding yourself how badly you want this – in fact if it’s on your mind everyday then it’s worth it.

You’ve just got to KEEP TRYING! And you’ll get there eventually. Trust me. You’ll come to a point where you’re so determined and motivated that you get into this flow which keeps you going. (Still there are off days, but passion pushes you onwards).

Here’s to the hope that 2017 will be the best one yet, of changing bad habits, starting new habits and staying passionately curious as we chase down our dreams!


Sam xxx


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