30 seconds of insane courage is all you need…

Dear you,

Today through writing with honest words about honest thoughts, I dare you to take on a challenge…

Sometimes in your life, things get confusing. You feel one way and act another. Your mind is in a deadlock battle with your heart. You don’t know what is right or wrong anymore. Things just get a little stuck. Like your foot – well no – your whole body is stuck in mud. Sticky mud. And it’s hard to move – you’re scared to move because you could fall over and that would mean drowning in what you’re feeling.


You can try to figure out what in the world you are doing with yourself and your emotions. But in the midst of all this untangling of inner thoughts, you just get more confused  than ever and aaaaahhh is the only thing you can think or say.

It’s pretty hard to be human. There’s all these expectations and moulds we have to fit into. There’s boundaries we can’t cross because we’d be left out all alone and that’s scary. It’s scary to be left alone – no one wants that. We don’t want to be rejected or let down or turned out. We don’t want people to judge us.

So in the face of trying to bend to what the world expects of us, we put on a mask.

This mask protects us from letting out what we really feel into the world. Society may tell us it’s for our own protection but really it’s a cage we impose upon ourselves. Because by holding in what we feel and think – who are we really protecting? Our words are not common colds to be contained from spreading. Our words are spurred by rebellious thoughts which, when given the ability to, can turn into action that makes our heats beat out double time.

And that’s MAGIC!

It’s not a sickly disease we need to quarantine and find a cure for.

By holding in your feelings, by stopping yourself from taking the leap, you’re not giving yourself a chance to be who you really are.


30 seconds of insane, embarrassing courage is all you need to remove the mask and make something wonderful happen.

There is the chance that maybe it won’t work out. I’ve given plenty of things a shot to no avail and yeah sometimes we just fuck things up – but you know what, fuck that!

You bravely gave it a shot! You were honest and true to yourself.

The fact that you dared to find courage shows how INCREDIBLE and INSPIRING a human being you are! It shows how you’re willing to risk outrage, oppression, discrimination or simple plain horrifying embarrassment, in order to be yourself.

Because in this life – we are all wearing masks.

But I dare you to be the brave one.

The one who says ‘No more!’ as you tear your mask off.

Be unapologetically you. Care no more for the opinions of others.


This is my challenge to you:

We all have something we want to do, something we want to say. Maybe you have a passion inside that you want to shout out to the world. Maybe you want to tell that adorable guy who sits next to you in Chemistry club, that “hey, we don’t really know each other, buuut I’d quite like too.” Maybe you want to do a simple leap-frog over a pole on the side of the street.

SO find your insane courage and give it a shot.

Take off your mask and instead put your heart, your whole heart, on to your sleeve.

part 1 couragepart 2 courage

As one kind friend once said to me:

“If you wake up in the morning, everyday, and wash your face, brush your teeth, comb your hair and then put your mask on…not taking it off until just before you go to bed.

Then there is only one answer.

Take your mask off.

Show the world the nape of your neck, your uncovered mouth, and the same blue, brown, green, hazel or grey eyes that were screaming the truth the entire time.”


You never know what may happen and the hope that something good will come of being brave should help keep your heart strong. Don’t you see, to make living itself an art, that is the goal.

And sometimes it’s the imperfect flaws, the incomplete draft copies and scrunched up pieces of paper in a bin – the things we think are mistakes – which are actually perfect pieces of artwork which we should frame upon our bodies for all the world to see.

…because at the end of the day, at least you tried.

I wish you luck for finding your courage,

Sam xx

p.s Thanks “We Brought a Zoo” and H.Miller for some quote inspiration.





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