How to cure those rainy day boredom blues

Dear you,

As winter descends upon us, the nights have become darker and a cloak of coldness has drawn everyone in under its chill embrace. The uni holidays have begun and as people come and go to their second homes, I’ve noticed people have begun to mirror the rainy grey weather.

“I’m a little bored,” are the common words which slip from each person’s mouth.

But don’t you see, life it too utterly amazing to be boring!

You have lungs that breathe air, feet that can dance, hands that can hold, and a heart that beats out.

There are friends and family to love. Pictures to take, memories and mistakes to make.

You have so much potential within you.

An earth to explore and care for, food to try and a belly to fill.

Legs to stretch, eyes to open and so much time to kill.

People always say life is too short, but really it is the longest thing we’ll ever experience. We might as well make the most of it while we can. You don’t have to hurry through everything, sometimes it’s just nice to chill. But if you’re feeling bored then something needs to change.

There is so so so much you can do to add a little sparkle again to your life (and in turn to everyone else’s lives around you).

The world is your oyster and opportunities around you are limitless. You can do anything you want to do. All those things you day-dreamed about doing while you were working or studying are now possibilities in these moments where you find you have nothing to do.

But just in case you’re a little stuck and need some inspiration to get you going, here’s a list:

What to do when the rain is falling and the boredom is calling:

  1. Go outside and dance in the rain…everyone wants to do it at least once, so why not?


  2. Watch Titanic because its incredible. Alternatively, watch Dirty Dancing because Patrick Swayze is a dream…..you could also watch other movies too. Make popcorn and smores, eat ice cream…all that good healthy nutritional food.

  3. Dance party indoors!


  4. Baking, cooking, making, shaking…find something on pinterest and create it

  5. Write poetry – even if you’ve never written poetry before look inside of yourself and see what magic you can make with paper, ink and a little bit of imagination and non-fiction combined


  6. Write a letter: to someone you love, a new pen pal or write a letter of inspiration and leave this little envelope of cheerfulness for someone else to find

  7. Shopping, you know because treating yourself is always fun…better yet go opshopping with a friend and try on the most craziest outfits annnd save money

  8. Running in the rain; these two ‘r’ words go together like peas in a pod


  9. Create a new music playlist…bring back the old, find some new, fill your ears with bliss


  10. Learn to skateboard (indoors), good fun this one – not disruptive or dangerous at all…


  11. Clean, while boogying to music…productivity and a hilarious time


  12. Play hide and seek…just because we’re not 7 years old anymore doesn’t mean we can’t bring back the nostalgic days

  13. Venture outside and see the beauty the rain creates. Take some photos


  14. Sort through all your clothes, recycle those you don’t wear anymore – send them off to a new home

  15. Grab a friend and have a photo shoot (everyone is a natural model)

  16. Find a book, a warm cosy throw and with wooly socks on your feet, snuggle in and just read


  17. Play Age of Empires (don’t ask me why, just do it)


  18. Throw a surprise hello for someone – just cause. Buy some balloons, confetti and streamers and bring some colour to another bored person


  19. Buy a children’s colouring in book…go wild


  20.  Look through old photos and reminisce…get some printed and create a photo album or a photo wall


I could literally write forever about all the wonderful things there are to do in this marvellous life…it’s limitless only to your imagination… so pick something and do it, having a laugh while you have some fun.

Because you see it’s better to absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.



p.s Thanks so much Dom for the lil rainy day inspiration and to all my wonderful models who put up with me and carry out my random tasks without even asking for an explanation, ily all endlessly (: ❤




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