Don’t Forget to Play

There are those who are merely alive.


there are those who LIVE!

If you are working or studying, a time table seems to rule the way you live. Wake up at 7:00 ready for starting work or attending a lecture at 9:00. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Scheduled times that you repeat for days, weeks, for years.

And time flies by.

You get lost in the everday mundaness of life.

Of course this schedule is useful. It helps to set out your week so you get things done. You work towards getting a degree. You work towards earning money. You work towards achieving those life goals. These are activities you commit yourself too in the long run. Hard and tiring, but you know they’ll pay off because passion is driving you.

But wait!

Yes – these things are all important.

Yet what about the things that set your soul on fire!

The spontanous moments where you decide to do something you’ve never done before!

The times where you go outside for a walk and come home feeling rejuvenated and fresh – new air in your lungs.

The events where you sit back and relax, surrounded by good food and even better company.

A wise woman who’d finished her university degree once said to me “You know what, I don’t really remember much about Uni itself. Instead I remember all the little adventures I had along the way!”

And this is so true. When I look back at my high school life, I don’t think about the thousands of words I wrote for the numerous essays and stat paper reports. I don’t think about the experiments in chemistry, nor the grades I got.

The memories that stand out are of all the extra things I did. And I think about the stunning extrordinary people I spent those years with.

It would be so easy to hide away in your room, books open on desk, mind on task – for the whole of your university life. The only times you look forward to being lunch and dinner – your scheduled break times.

But if you live like that – time will pass you by and you won’t even realise where it all went. You’ll reach the end of your life, seeing you never really lived at all.

So this is me imploring you: Remember to Play.

I’m not telling you to give up studying or working. I’m not telling you to procrastinate important tasks, leaving them to the last minute, while instead you watch movies or play video games.

I’m telling you to remember to take time out.

It’s about balance.

Work hard, and yet also make time for the little things in life. Play hard and don’t feel guilty about taking time out.

Nothing feels more rewarding then going to bed after a day filled with productivity.

Don’t live a boring life – live a bold life. Because you don’t want your path in life to be a straightfoward one.

Instead make your path travel over mountains, through ravines, accross oceans. Entwine your path with the roads of others – meet new people – but don’t be sad if sometimes a path unravels and they move off into a different sunset. Let people plant flowers along your journey. Colour your path red, black and gold. Go off the path. Join anothers. Make the journey of your life brilliant and bright.

Take the extra opportunities that come your way. The work opporunities and the play opportunities.

SO this whole balance life thing – seems impossible to achieve but atleast we can try. Here’s some ideas to make sure you remember to play:

  1. Create a bucketlist of all the things you want to do in the place where you live.
  2. Create a bucketlist of activities which require extra effort and a few more days e.g. roadtripping to a skifield for the weekend.
  3. Section your day off into areas of work and play. For example treat your day like a work day: 9-5 is for study, then the evening is for play.
  4. Say “I will put my running shoes on at least once,” or “I will go outside after lunch.”
  5. After every two hours of so of on-task work, stop, get up and just dance.


Each day is a new day. A brand new start. Behind us we leave the troubles of yesterday. Ahead of us lies another day. We are only ever in the present. So take each day as it comes.

Yes it may be important to plan ahead, such as starting that essay before it’s due or buying your mum a present before her birthday.

But then be in the moment.

Forget about the past, forget about your worries, be present. Be in your own mind feeling what you are feeling RIGHT NOW. Be with the people around you. Laugh, laugh alot and let that laughter touch the lives of others – so they remember to play too.

All those things you wanted to do? Go and do them. Because that is really living.


Sam xx



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