Week two: When you arise in the morning…

Dear you,

“When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive…To breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.”

This morning I spent my time inside, while outside the birds sung and the sun shone -another beautiful day. Now I’m someone who doesn’t like to waste a day hence I am definetly a morning person; the sun is up and so am I! Thus I decided to make a spontaneous trip to Sumner. A little adventure.

Walking along the Esplanade, and passing several elderly couples also enjoying the beautiful day, I picked a seat and sat down. Opposite the sea, I closed my eyes. A warmth pooled inside of me as the sun gently kissed my eyelids and the sound of the waves filled my ears becoming one with the pulse of my beating heart. It was a moment of utter peace and I realised just how lucky I was to be there in that moment.

Because life is as fragile as a dream.

In today’s world it is too easy to be overwhelmed by the thoughts of everything we don’t have. To look at people living out their dreams and to think “they are so lucky.” I often catch myself thinking this. It can easily bring you down and you end up taking your own life for granted.

But then, in that moment sitting on a seat in Sumner, I reminded myself again just how lucky I am. Thinking of everything I have experienced, the love of my family and friends, the beautiful country I have grown up in.

Listing all the things in my life I was grateful for, I couldn’t help but smile and feel happiness blossoming inside of me.

This week’s quote by Marcus Aurelius is simply about being thankful, being grateful and being happy.

It is a simple reminder to think of how lucky we truly are – not for any physical items we may own but for the plain reason that we are alive, and for the wonderful things that being alive allows us to do. We can breathe and think, enjoy and experience, think and love. What else do you really need to make a happy life?

This post, is thus a reminder to you to think about how lucky it is to be alive and the privileges that this allows us. Go outside and just breathe, feel the fresh air in your lungs, feel alive.

I challenge you, when you awake in the morning, to think of what you are grateful for in your life. Write it down even. This is a sure fast way to have a happy start to your day.

So, what are YOU grateful for?


Sam xxx



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