Week One: ‘Be in love – with not just the victory – but the fight as well’

Dear you,

As the first month of the New Year has passed (pretty quickly too might I add – literally just over two weeks to moving and beginning study again ahhh but woooh), I can’t help but wonder how those fateful ‘new years resolutions’ of everybody’s are going. You know the ones – eat healthy, run everyday, spend less money, do yoga everyday, etc. etc. But the brutal truth is; these are the resolutions that no one really keeps.

Once you’ve realised you haven’t stuck to your goals it can be slightly disheartening. But the thing to remember is; anything is possible and if you set your mind to it your goals CAN be met. Thus I thought I might try and give you all some tips about keeping to those goals – especially for all you first year Uni students – so I have chosen this as the first Quote post of this blog:

‘Be in love – with not just the victory – but the fight as well’

You see people are always in love with the end result – the body of their dreams, the balanced lifestyle, the organised house, the magnificent painting they’ve just created. Yet the key is to be in love with the process just as much!

Say for example – you want to get fit and be able to run 10km nonstop. So that’s the end result, the victory. But the process and the battle is going to be messy – running 3-4 times a week for 40 minutes or so. All you have to do is use the victory to motivate you to fight for it. Convince yourself you love to run – imagine the joy of listening to that new playlist you’ve just created, the feeling of fresh air rushing into your lungs and the stretching of your legs after you’ve just spent the whole day inside sitting at a desk. Think about how good you’ll feel afterwards; accomplished, another step forwards taken to achieving your goal. It’s all in the mind you see – what you think you become.

Another way to fall in love with the process is to realise that some goals take time to accomplish. You’ve got to remember that small steps are better than no steps at all.

Planning ahead can also help you to meet your goals. You want to run everyday then look at your schedule, vivid in your running time in and stick to it. You want to draw everyday make a time just before you go to sleep rather than wasting that time scrolling through a facebook newsfeed, give that time back to yourself in a productive way (and a bonus! You get to sleep better too!)

But never put yourself down – because that’s where it all goes downhill. The fight for your goals is going to be hard, and you can let yourself slip up, but you must never give up! Just start again. That’s all it takes – a push and a start and you’re on track again.

And in opposite of this always pull yourself up and reward yourself! Whether its shouting yourself an ice cream or having a day off after you’ve run 5km nonstop for example, make sure you give yourself a pat on the back. This will keep your life in balance and literally motivate you to reach the next stage of your goal.

It seems sort of lame to make goals and resolutions, they seem to be either restricted to the scenarios of sitting in a primary school classroom and writing SMART goals at the beginning of each term; or to the adult world of having dreams but giving up on them, lost in the mundane schedule of everyday life.

But I can’t stress enough how important it is to make yourself some goals – because goals are your dreams – yet they also come with an action plan about how to make these dreams a reality!

Thus for you to remember:

  1. Be in love with the fight not just the victory.
  2. Remember things take time and you’ve got to keep working on it, no matter how small the steps taken are to get there.
  3. Set time aside each day to do your thing.
  4. Don’t get down on yourself if you stop working towards your goal – pick yourself up and start again. You’re never too old for a new beginning.
  5. Remember to reward yourself – it’ll keep you so much more motivated.

Go seize your sunrise and start working towards your dreams!


Sam xo


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