A novel introduction

Dear you,

To start this brand new blog off, I thought I better begin with an introduction of myself and what this (hopefully growing by the minute) collection of my thoughts and eventual art and photography is all about…and why YOU would want to be interested in it all.

So me – I have just finished high school, five of the best years of my life! In a couple of months I’m about to move cities and begin a whole new adventure that is called University (hopefully the next best five years of my life). My passion is happiness – helping others and making those around me giddy with joy. My goal is to become a human rights lawyer and journalist. My dream is to make every single day of my life an adventure.  And on a side note, I also love chocolate chip cookies (actually any flavoured cookie) and ice cream and being inspired by anything and anybody creative and attempting to create my own inspiration through art. Phew, just a lil introduction now complete.

All of who I am, and the desire to DO something and not just spend endless hours scrolling through Instagram wishing I could have a life as sweet as that person (that person also known as – any one who lives as a hippy in Byron Bay or is a professional freestyle skier or is Taylor Swift) PLUS my addiction to quotes, has all inspired me to write this blog.

So now about the blog – the plan is to post a quote at the start of each week; it could be motivational, inspirational, poetic, arty or just plain deep (its a surprise!). During the week I am going to write about this quote and how I have leaped with it into my life; most likely focusing on what it means to be me as a first time Uni student. As well as this I will be writing about how you can use the quote to inspire you to ‘seize the sunrise’ in your own life, and to show how world problems can be solved if only we all did something little in our own homes. Basically combining all my passions and shouting them out to the world through this blog.

BUT its not just going to stop there!

I’m going to use this quote to keep me motivated to create! I might post an artwork, a design or photograph or even a poem, that somehow has been inspired by this quote. All of my own creation.

So ladies and gentlemen that concludes my novel introduction of me and what this blog is aspiring to be. Hopefully you’re now excitedly jumping in your chairs (or even better, are up and dancing around) anticipating the next blog post… SO come back tomorrow to find out the first quote that will hopefully inspire you throughout the week.

Because you see, that is the end goal – for you the reader to find as much inspiration and joy from my writing and arting, as I find in creating it for you.

Stay happy,

Love Sam xo



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